Rename your Start Button

StartBtn Renamer is a simple utility for renaming the [Start] button under Windows XP. With this
freeware tool, you can change default Label of the [Start] button with your own text. This is great
when you want to tease your friends or when you intend to have a greater variety in Windows...
what do you think about these labels: Virus, Hello, Begin, Enter, etc.

StartBtn Renamer's Features
~ StartBtn Renamer runs and works under Micro$oft Windows XP.
~ StartBtn Renamer can run from the Command-Line.
~ StartBtn Renamer is very easy-to-use.
~ StartBtn Renamer is Freeware and OpenSource.

click this for download

E-mail Password Recovery TOOLS !

Gmail Password Recovery

Gmail Password Recovery is a tool that will search your PC for encrypted Gmail passwords, extract them, decrypt and decode them and display them in a readable format. The following locations are known to store Gmail passwords: Google Talk, Gmail Notifier, Google Desktop, Picasa, Google Photos Screensaver, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This cracking tool will work provided the password you are trying to recover is saved on your local PC under the current login and you are able to login automatically without entering your password.

Gmail Password Recovery

Password Recovery for Windows Live

Password Recovery for Windows Live is the tool that will instantly find, decrypt & recover Windows Live passwords that were saved by Windows Live Messenger on your PC under the current login. Extremely useful when you want to change Windows Live password but do not remember your old password. This program is guaranteed to work if you can login with your messenger automatically without entering your password after clicking on the "Sign-In" button. Even if you have un-installed Windows Live Messenger there is still a chance that your password is saved on your PC.

Windows Live Password Recovery

Broadband Test Speed

Even though you subscribe the 384kbps or 3.6Mbps Celcom 3G broadband package, it does not guarantee that you will get the maximum speed.

Speedtest is a website that allows you to check your broadband speed. When you visit Speedtest website, it will locate your location based on your IP address. Then it will display servers that near to you. The recommended server is mark with yellow. You can choose the recommended server or you can choose other server to start the test.

*this is mine.very bad !!!!

It will start with the download test first and then it runs the upload test. After both tests are completed, Speedtest will display the result in .gif image which you can use to share on your website or in forum.

After I subscribing the Celcom 3G broadband, I always check the connection speed when each time I login. I just want to know how much speed that I get for that session. But 3, 4 days before, the Celcom 3G broadband got problem in UTM Skudai. They said that there is a problem with the Celcom transmitter in UTM but it will be fixed this 11th November.

But yesterday, I got a phone call from Celcom customerline. They asked me to test the speed connection and wow! The speed has improved and I got HSDPA signal. Maybe they have upgraded the network in UTM. See the image above.

Although I subscribe the 384kbps package, but I can surf faster than 384kbps because my friend said that Celcom gives extra speed access until February 2008. So for those who connect using HSDPA modem, you can surf faster even though you subscribe with 384kbps package.

Protection for your Computer

Great website for beginner.Please take a look.



Online scanner

Trojan remover

"ByeBye" Talking Trojan ?

BotVoice.A was first found by Panda Lab is the first trojan that can talk. It talk by using the built-in speech function in Windows. The trojan will repeatedly saying this message:

"You have been infected I repeat You have been infected and your system files has been deleted. Sorry. Have a Nice Day and bye bye…"

Hear the voice

This trojan cannot spread from computer to computer by itself but it spreads via email with attached files, usb drive, P2P sharing networks, etc. Once your computer get infected, it will not allow you to use files with these extension, BAT, COM, EXE and MP3 files. And it also disables Task Manager and the Windows Registry Editor.

Currently the threat level is medium. So better you update your antivirus definition now.

*use avira !!!

Worm for Yahoo Mail

Beware for all Yahoo mail users. Don’t open email that came from address with subject “New Graphic Site“. A new worm targetting Yahoo Web based email has been spotted in the wild. The worm targets address with the and

This worm arrives as a message containing Javascript. When the user open the email, the worm will spread to other users in Yahoo address book.

So, better use Gmail !!! Beware !

Worm Attacks by Barack Obama ? ^o^

What will do if U.S. President Barack Obama’s face, pop up on your desktop every Monday morning? That is not a joke. It is the Obama worm.

The Obama worm was first spotted last Monday after it infected PCs at a preparatory school in Metairie, Luisiana and was first reported by Walling Data, a value-added reseller in Claremont, North Carolina. Because the damage is not big and only infected a few systems, the antivirus companies does not considered it as a serious threat.

It spreads via USB drive and install itself automatically when you insert the USB drive to the system. It is like the Brontok viruses where it using the Windows autorun feature to spread the attack. Luckily, Obama worm does not steal your credit card number or turn your PC into a remote-controlled zombie system. It is designed to float a small picture of Obama at the bottom right corner of your desktop all day every Monday.

But because it is so badly written, the Obama worm gradually renders any PC it is run on completely useless. It is also hard to know whether your PC have been infected or not because Obama worm is not detected by any antivirus programs. But, if you see Obama face on your desktop on Monday, that’s mean you already infected with the Obama worm.

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