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Even though you subscribe the 384kbps or 3.6Mbps Celcom 3G broadband package, it does not guarantee that you will get the maximum speed.

Speedtest is a website that allows you to check your broadband speed. When you visit Speedtest website, it will locate your location based on your IP address. Then it will display servers that near to you. The recommended server is mark with yellow. You can choose the recommended server or you can choose other server to start the test.

*this is mine.very bad !!!!

It will start with the download test first and then it runs the upload test. After both tests are completed, Speedtest will display the result in .gif image which you can use to share on your website or in forum.

After I subscribing the Celcom 3G broadband, I always check the connection speed when each time I login. I just want to know how much speed that I get for that session. But 3, 4 days before, the Celcom 3G broadband got problem in UTM Skudai. They said that there is a problem with the Celcom transmitter in UTM but it will be fixed this 11th November.

But yesterday, I got a phone call from Celcom customerline. They asked me to test the speed connection and wow! The speed has improved and I got HSDPA signal. Maybe they have upgraded the network in UTM. See the image above.

Although I subscribe the 384kbps package, but I can surf faster than 384kbps because my friend said that Celcom gives extra speed access until February 2008. So for those who connect using HSDPA modem, you can surf faster even though you subscribe with 384kbps package.


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